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A wound is defined as a disruption in the continuity of the epithelial lining of the skin or mucosa resulting from physical or thermal damage. According to the duration and nature of healing process, the wound is categorized as acute and chronic [12]. An acute wound is an injury to the skin that occurs suddenly due to accident or surgical injury. It heals at a predictable and expected time frame usually within 8-12 weeks depending on the size, depth and the extent of damage in the epidermis and dermis layer of the skin [34]. Chronic wounds on the other hand fail to progress through the normal stages of healing and cannot be repaired in an orderly and timely manner [56]. Chronic wounds generally results from decubitis ulcer, leg ulcer and burns. Wound healing is a dynamic and complex process of tissue regeneration and growth progress through four different phases (i) the coagulation and haemostasis phase (immediately after injury); (ii) the inflammatory phase, (shortly after injury to tissue) during which swelling takes place; (iii) the proliferation period, where new tissues and blood vessels are formed and (iv) the maturation phase, in which remodeling of new tissues takes place [712]. These phases occur in an ordered manner overlapping with each other in a well-connected cascade [1314]. Promotion of these phases a

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