About Us

Founder & CEO 

मेरा नाम रत्नेश कुमार है, मैं मुंगेर बिहार में 1973 को पैदा हुआ,1989 को इसी दवा दुकान में काम करने आया, फिर इसी दुकान को मैंने 1994 अपने स्वामित्व में लिया, फिर 2009 में मैंने अपना एक शुभ सिद्ध सर्जिकल के नाम से सर्जिकल समानों का निर्माता बना, और अब मैं मुंगेर बिहार का नाम निर्माता कंपनीयों में सामिल करना चाहता हूं, अपने स्वामित्व वाली इस कम्पनी के जरिए

My name is Ratnesh Kumar, I was born in Munger Bihar on 1973, came to work in this medicine shop in 1989, then I took ownership of this shop in 1994, then in 2009 I have started my own company, the name of Shubh Siddha Surgicals. this is a manufacture company, our product is available in Munger anad near by munger and now I want to reach my products to all over in Bihar through this company owned by me.


M/s Munger, Bihar (India) – 811201 Telephone No.: 9431418492 FAX: 9431418492 has been licenced to manufacture for sale or for distribution the below listed medical device(s) at the premises situated at M/s SHUBH SIDHI SURGICAL.